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The 2nd Annual Storm Drain Art Contest 2023 is on!

Current Forsyth County high school and middle school students are asked to submit original artwork that educates others about water quality and clearly enhances the theme: Only Rain Goes Down the Drain.


Submissions will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, and will be judged by a review panel. Winners will be announced soon after. Three contest winners will receive $100 in compensation for their work, certificates of recognition, and will have the opportunity to paint their creations on designated storm drains throughout the city and county.

What is The Storm Drain Art Contest? 


A contest, sponsored by Keep Forsyth County Beautiful and the Forsyth County Department of Water & Sewer, that uses art to educate the public about watershed health. The winners will have the opportunity to paint their creations on designated storm drains in the county!  


Why paint storm drains?  


As water flows over land, streets and parking lots after a rain event, numerous contaminants including trash, chemicals, pet waste, motor oil, yard clippings, sediment, and fertilizers are collected along the way. These contaminants are washed into storm drains which lead directly to our rivers, lakes, and streams, impacting both water quality and sensitive aquatic ecosystems.

This project will serve to beautify the community and help raise awareness of how we can all reduce the presence of litter and other pollutants in our waterways.

How can I learn more and enter?  

See Rules and Entry Form below. 

Entries must be submitted by email to Apryl Milam at Each entry email must contain a .jpg, .png or .pdf file of the original work of art with signed entry and release forms. If your email was sent successfully, you will receive an automatic reply. If you have not received a reply, call 770-205-4550 ext. 7142 to confirm receipt.  

Where can I see last year's Storm Drain Art Winners' work?

Cumming City Center (take a left upon entering, on the right, behind the amphitheater) Pictured on the left of this page, Artist: Vivian Chen

Central High School (across from the Post Office, near Fine Arts Department sign) Pictured on the right of this page, Artist: Katrina Walden

South Forsyth High School (in front of the Main Office) Pictured below, Artist: Zoe Marsh

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