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The Adopt-A-Drain program provides residents with the opportunity to adopt a storm drain which they monitor and keep clean of leaves and other debris for a minimum of 1 year.

​The program allows volunteers to take regular, sustained action to prevent localized flooding and reduce runoff pollution.  Adopting a drain also helps reduce litter and facilitates quicker reporting of damaged or blocked parts of the storm drainage system.  

The 6 Easy Steps to Adopt-A-Drain:


Step 1 -  Review the Adopt-A-Drain Guidelines & Safety Tips (link below).

Step 2 -  Select a drain near your home or work that tends to get clogged or attract litter. This will usually be a lower lying drain on a well traveled road. If you need help identifying an appropriate drain, let us know.

Step 3 - Once the drain is approved, sign and return the completed Contract (see link below) 

Step 4 - Pick-up your supplies (for you to keep) from the KFCB office (rake, broom, vest, gloves, trash bags, safety glasses) and receive training.

Step 5 - Clear your drain of debris about twice a month (including before and after every rain) and send in a completed brief Status Report (link below)
Step 6- - Name your drain. Be as creative as you'd like. We just might highlight you on social media! (examples: "Purple Drain" "Frasier Drain" "Drainy McDrain Face")

Rules and Safety
Status Report
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