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The KFCB Leaders Against Litter Challenge asks our community leaders 

to stand in unity for a litter-free Forsyth. Keeping Forsyth County beautiful

is a civic responsibility shared by every citizen in our county. 

How to get involved:


Step 1. Join the challenge by signing the Leaders Against Litter Pledge below: 

Step 2. Make short creative videos of you completing parts of the pledge.  

Step 3. Post your videos on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #litterfreeforsyth and be sure to tag us by typing @keepforsythcountybeautiful

(On Facebook, you must select the box that drops down while typing, which highlights the words in blue, for us to be able to see your post. Also, Facebook users be sure to make your post public).


The health of our economy relies on a clean, vibrant community and a commitment from our residents to care for it. Litter deters business growth and tourism, reduces property values, and increases criminal activity. Take a stand for a litter-free Forsyth and spark a cultural shift in how our citizens view and treat our beautiful county!

I will...SPEAK UP and spread the word that litter is not acceptable. 

I will...
PICK UP litter whenever I see it. 

I will...
STAND UP and lead the way for a litter-free Forsyth. 

Thank you for being a Leader Against Litter!

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