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In conjunction with the Forsyth County Master Naturalists, Keep Forsyth County Beautiful has developed a Community Science program for Frog Monitoring. Participants are taught how to report on the calls of local frogs and the visible presence of frogs and other amphibians, all while learning to protect local lakes, streams, and wetlands.

Frogs (and toads) play an important role in our ecosystem and are excellent indicators of environmental health. Frog populations have declined dramatically since the 1980’s, presumably due to development/ habitat loss, fungal disease, pollutants, and/or climate change.  As scientists strive to understand the scope, scale, and cause of these diminishing populations, frog monitoring programs can play an important role. 


With your help, we can develop an accurate account of species occurrence and abundance in Forsyth County. Over time, the data could be utilized to make land-use decisions that benefit not only the environment and amphibian populations, but also our own lives.


Anyone with an interest in conservation and keeping our county healthy is encouraged to participate in this fun monitoring activity. 

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