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November 20, 2019: Forsyth County News- Litter Free Forsyth

October 12, 2019: Forsyth County News- KFCB 25th Anniversary Celebration

October 4, 2019: FoCo Woman- Household Hazardous Waste 

August 3, 2019: FoCo Woman- Litter Free Forsyth   

December 14, 2018:  Forsyth County News- Tammy Wright named Executive Director of the Year





*(You may have to log out of  your personal Facebook account to view some of the video) 


September 6, 2019: North Atlanta Kids Directory- Chat with KFCB

September 9, 2019: Your Forsyth- Meet the Creek and Shore Sweep

September 9, 2019: Your Forsyth- Shore Sweep 

March 25, 2019: Your Forsyth- KFCB Spotlight  

March 8, 2019: Your Forsyth- KFCB 25 Years 

September 26, 2020: WSB-TV News- Shore Sweep

For media inquiries, please contact Tammy Wright. 

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