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Enjoy our slideshow of past billboards

Litter Free Forsyth is an ongoing multi-faceted KFCB project aimed at reducing the amount of litter in our county. From education in the schools to annual litter clean up events; from creating a new Litter Specialist position to innovative marketing campaigns and engaging social media content, we will continue to strive to create a clean green and beautiful county. 

Past special projects have included:


The 2020 KFCB Litter Billboard Campaign (see slideshow above): a joint litter prevention and education effort involving Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation and Forsyth County Government. 

The 2023 Litter Hotline Coaster Campaign: a joint effort involving local restaurants and bars to educate the public about the Litter Hotline.   

School Litter Initiatives: a joint effort with Forsyth County Schools to include litter cleanups and promotion of anti-litter messages as a requirement of our Green Schools Program. 

Learn more about the Reconsider Litter Campaign

and sign the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation Litter Pledge: 


Read the largest study about litter in America, The Keep America Beautiful 2021 Litter Study 

Interested in litter cleanup opportunities? 

Need to report an area in need of a cleanup?  

Want to learn more about litter? See our Litter Library below. 

And please follow us on Social Media (see links at bottom of page) for more Litter prevention content. 


Test your Litter IQ! 

How to Secure Your Load 

How to Do a Mini Litter Cleanup

How to Clean up your Community

How to Pick Up Trail Trash

How to Clean up a Parking Lot

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