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Storm Drain Marking is a volunteer activity that helps prevent water pollution. 

Storm drain markers are used to educate the public that no dumping is allowed in curbside drains. The markers are colorful 4” round durable plastic decals that are glued onto the tops of storm drains so that they are easily seen by the public.

Many people are unaware that storm drains connect directly to our waterways. Keeping our storm drains free of pollution ensures a healthier habitat for aquatic life and cleaner drinking water for everyone.

Volunteers of all ages can install storm drain markers in subdivisions, parks, and schools throughout our community. Great for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school clubs, civic clubs, families, or groups of friends wanting to make a difference. 

The 6 Easy Steps to Storm Drain Marking:


Step 1 - Review the Storm Drain Marking Rules & Safety (link below)

Step 2 - Choose a location in need of markers or contact KFCB for site suggestions

Step 3 - Once the location is approved, sign and return the completed Contract 

Step 4 - Pick-up your supplies from the KFCB office and receive training

Step 5 - Conduct your storm drain marking and send in a completed Status Report

Step 6 - Reward yourself for your hard work, perhaps with some ice cream 

Rules and Safety
Status Report
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