Forsyth County Recycling Centers
are now accepting batteries*, paint,
electronics, and tires.  See below for details. 

The Forsyth County Department of Recycling and Solid Waste operates three recycling convenience centers where residents can drop off a variety of materials for recycling as well as household trash. Please see below for a list of accepted items. 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday

7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

CLOSED Sundays and Holidays


Wednesday, January 1

Monday, January 20

Monday, May 25

Saturday, July 4

Monday, September 7

Wednesday, November 11

Thursday, November 26

Friday, November 27

Thursday, December 24

Friday, December 25

- Cash only please. No bill larger than a $20 bill

- Most recycling is free

- Trash is $0.50 per bag for recycling customers

- Trash is $1 for non-recycling customers

- Limit: 5 bags of trash 

- Recycling or not, each trash bag beyond 5, will be                charged $2 per bag

- No minimum bag size, maximum 32 gallon

- Need a bag? Empty 32 gallon trash bags can be                purchased at the center for $1 which includes disposal



Boxes: Paperboard and corrugated cardboard (flatten all boxes)


Paper: Newspapers, office paper, envelopes, shredded paper (keep in bag), magazines, junk mail, phone books, and catalogs

Unacceptable Paper: paper towels, tissue, wax coated, food stained paper


Glass: Clear, brown, green, blue (food and beverage containers ONLY) 

Unacceptable Glass: light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, crystal, chinaware


Aluminum Cans: All types of aluminum beverage cans, clean foil and foil pans


Food Cans: Steel or tin, and food cans 


Scrap Metal: All oil, gas liquids must be removed from metal items before recycling. Metal car parts, washers, dryers, dishwashers, sinks, tools, shelving, open drums, water heaters, lawn mowers, grills, pipes, wire, fencing, tire rims, etc.

Unacceptable Scrap Metal: propane tanks, aerosol cans, flammable items, pressurized tanks, paint cans, items containing freon.   


Plastic: Only plastic bottles, jugs, and food containers with a #1 or #2

on the bottom, or bottles with this how2recycle label accepted.             

Nothing larger than 1 gallon in size. 


Unacceptable Plastics include: plastic tubing, large plastic items such as buckets, chairs, barrels, pools, toys, etc. regardless of the number on them, plastics with a number other than #1 or #2, plastics with no numbers (other than those with how2recycle label- see above), no plastic bags or plastic film/wrap.


Paint: Liquid or dried latex-based and oil based paints and stains in original containers. We do not accept leaking cans. 

Latex                                               Oil

5-gallon bucket $10                          5 gallon bucket $15

2-gallon bucket $5                            1-gallon bucket $4

1-gallon can $3                                 1-quart can $2

1-quart can or smaller $1                  1-pint can $1


Books: All types, hardback and paperback accepted in any condition


Clothing and Shoes: All sizes in any condition (temporarily not accepted) 


Ink Cartridges: Ink jet, laser toner


Cooking Oil: Peanut, vegetable, olive, canola (NO synthetic oils)


Motor Oil: Used motor oil free of gas, water, and other chemicals 


Oil filters: Used oil filters of all types


Antifreeze: All types


Batteries: Rechargeable batteries, Alkaline batteries, and Lead Acid batteries 

*Learn how to safely prepare your batteries for drop off here. 

TiresCoal Mountain Location Only- Tires: $3 each, $15 on the rim

Electronics: Tolbert Street Location Only- Televisions: $12 each

(No wood console or rear projection TVs) 

All Other Electronics: $2 per item or $5 unlimited  

PLEASE NOTE: We are a Convenience Center and not a landfill. We take BAGGED household trash and recyclables only as specified.



NO yard waste

NO hazardous materials 

NO liquid cleaners, liquid pesticides or liquid fertilizers - as a general rule these types of liquid should be absorbed into some type of material like kitty litter or rags and dried completely. The dried material can then be bagged and disposed of as regular household trash - disposal fee applies.

NO mattresses, furniture, large item of any type that will not fit into a trash bag (32 gallon size or less) - disposal fee applies. Large metal items, electronics, and tires are the only exception and can be recycled according to the center guidelines.

NO Styrofoam in the recycling - styrofoam must be bagged and disposed of in trash - disposal fee applies.


1950 Sharon Road Cumming, GA 30041

CALL US:  770-205-4573

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